Authentic Service Progression Solution

The Authentic Service Progression Solution

The Authentic Service Progression© Solution is taken from a concept we call "Yoga in ITSM©".  Yoga in ITSM is creative thinking to break away from paralyzing confinements to "implementing ITSM" to transforming the current IT environment to be the business.  

A simple easy to follow path created for clear transformation steps for all your ITSM related projects.  Giving guidance for service management disciplines which take hold and puts IT in the business as a strategic force for growth.

The Authentic Service Progression solution focuses heavily on continual improvement to deliver Value Visibility.©  Value Visibility is the customer experience in complete balance with the business and IT providers. 

Yoga in ITSM© created in 2012 is formed from transformation successes over the last 20 years by ITSM experts using similar philosophies between Yoga and ITSM principles. 

“Many organizations struggle and/or fail on thriving for tangible returns of success. In my 20 years working in ITSM, I've documented these successes and failures. Through an analysis study I conceived the Yoga in ITSM model.”

There are many benefits to deploying The Authentic Service Progression

  • Improve your credibility amongst your customers.
  • Improved communications internally and externally.
  • Service delivery, service operations, efficiency, system automation, and customer satisfaction all improve.
  • The ability to improve at a consistent rate within a fiscal year returns a higher level of operational maturity attaining measurable longer-term benefits and sustainability.
  • Usable, workable, and maintainable processes put IT in the business.  Dissolves silos.
  • Change management environments are manageable in the present, enabling organizations to react successfully to changes in the environment. (This is a benefit which equates to cost avoidance, thereby reducing overhead costs.)

Who would benefit from using The Authentic Service Progression?

  • The solution is beneficial to anyone involved with ITSM activities at a management level. This includes: President, VP's, CIO, IT Directors, Managers, ITSM Consultants, Service Owners, Service Managers, Process Owners, Process Managers & Business Relationship Managers.

Where is Authentic Progression originated from?

  • The concept is based on a combination of ancient Yoga philosophies and modern technology. Beverly Weed-Schertzer has 20 years of practical IT & ITSM experience using yogic “thinking” for solution building for challenging issues related to people and process to put IT in the business as a strategic force, where it belongs.


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