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ITSM Assessment Services

Ready to Improve? edifyIT's Assessment Solution

Our assessment is typically a two to four week professional services engagement. Upon completion, we will deliver to you an accurate assessment of ITSM maturity, capability and tools usage. In addition, we will offer recommended goals and a timeline for delivery that provide a step-by-step roadmap with monthly deliverables for improvement and a report card detailing the existing ITSM rating.

Why edifyIT?

edifyIT has a strong history of performing ITSM Assessments that enable clients to improve their maturity over time, lower service costs, and improve the customer experience. Our assessments cover:

The people that manage and operate the process The process itself The tool/technologies in place to automate the process (if applicable)

The ITSM Assessment -Report Card 

The outcome of an ITSM assessment is only as good as the assessment itself, the assessor and the representation of the assessed organization. These three variables can heavily influence the assessment’s objectivity.

After your goals & objectives are set, you need to establish a baseline for your ITSM based improvements. Assessment reports provide vital and valuable information and is a tool that is being overlooked by many IT executives. 

The concept of measuring isn't always top priority, nearly everyone in IT would agree there is always room for improvement. 

  • How do you quantify and measure ITSM improvements? 
  • How do you know if you've done well with ITSM after transformation? 
  • How will you determine objectively how big the ITSM gap is from where you want to be to where you are now? 

Not knowing where you started from will daunt any improvement initiative with frustration. A proper and thorough assessment report can help steer, direct and determine when to make changes in your ITSM program. 

What Do You Gain From An Assessment?

  • More efficient use of IT resources
  • Transform from a “silo” fragmented model to a colloborative integrated model
  • Elimination of redundant work
  • Greater reliability and availability of IT services
  • Improve upon project deliverables and time
  • Improve availability, reliability and security of mission critical IT services






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